Massimo Pinto

Massimo Pinto

Hi, my name is Massimo Pinto and I am a research scientist working in the field of radiation dosimetry

I am an experimental physicist living in Rome, Italy, and I work at the Italian National Institute of Ionizing Radiation Metrology.

I am also a supporter of cycling, be this for commuting, traveling, or for going around with friends on a mountain bike in the woods that surround the Rome region. I am a regular listener of (national public) radio programmes, which is making me feel like I belong to another era, sometimes.

And I am curious about the web and the publication opportunities that it provides. I have been a podcaster for several years, and a blogger for many more, publishing on free blogs such as Fisici per il mondo or hosted on the Italian science magazine Galileo (now reproduced here), or on the Nature Network, with Science in the Belpaese. In fact, blogging and podcasting landed me on the Nature Journal a couple of times.

Disclaimer: ENEA, for which I work at the National Institute for Ionizing Radiation Metrology, is not responsible for any content that appears on this website.